King Charles Reveals He’s Experiencing A Rare Side Effect Of Cancer Treatment

Guess what? King Charles, bless his royal socks, spilled the beans about a little quirk he’s picked up during his tango with the big C: he’s lost his sense of taste. Yep, you heard it right! It’s like someone dimmed the flavor lights in his royal kitchen.

So, there he was, having a chinwag with Aaron Mapplebeck, a tough British Army veteran who knows a thing or two about wrestling cancer dragons. And in the midst of their chat, King Charles casually dropped the bombshell that he couldn’t taste his crumpets anymore. The 75-year-old monarch just shrugged and admitted, “Yep, my taste buds are on an extended vacation” (courtesy of the Daily Mail, of course).

Now, the Palace is tighter-lipped about the type of cancer His Majesty’s been duking it out with. But losing your sense of taste? It’s like the ultimate cosmic joke, isn’t it? Like, “Here’s a nice cup of tea, Your Highness, but sorry, you won’t taste a bloomin’ thing!” It turns out, though, that this flavor fiasco is pretty par for the course with some cancer types and their pesky treatments. The American Cancer Society even chimes in, saying, “Hey, certain cancers and their treatments can mess with your taste and smell.” So, blame it on the meds or the radiation—either way, it’s a bit of a flavor fail.

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