Meghan Markle is Using Her Wardrobe to Send a Message, According to Royal Fashion Expert

Meghan Markle’s fashion choices are like a secret code, and it seems like she’s about to unveil her new career move through the language of neutrals. Royal fashion guru Miranda Holder spilled the tea to, decoding the subtle signals hidden in the Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe.

Despite Meghan’s Netflix documentary confession that she embraced the neutral life to blend in with the royal family, she’s still rocking the beige, cream, black, and white spectrum. Holder, with all the fashion wisdom, remarked, “We were all expecting Meghan to burst out in a kaleidoscope of colors, but nope, she’s sticking to the safe zone. What’s up with that?”

Is Meghan playing it safe because she’s got a master plan up her sleeve, or is she just avoiding the media’s fashion police? Holder thinks it’s a bit unexpected, considering Meghan’s bold statements. “I thought she’d be out there, dancing in a rainbow of vivid hues, but it’s the opposite.”

Maybe Meghan’s clinging to her comfort colors because she’s in a “current predicament” and doesn’t want the media’s judgment raining down on her fashion parade. Holder speculated, “Behind that smile, there’s a conflict. Meghan wants the spotlight, but she’s also probably thinking, ‘Do I really want to deal with the world’s media?’ It’s like she’s caught in a fashion conundrum.”

So, while we’re waiting for Meghan’s next move, let’s just hope she doesn’t ditch the neutrals for a neon jumpsuit without warning. After all, decoding royal fashion is like trying to solve a mystery – with a dash of humor and a pinch of speculation.

Meghan Markle Uses Her Wardrobe to Send a Message
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