Doja Cat Claims She’s Not “A Political Person” After Wearing Controversial T-Shirt

Doja Cat is here to spill the tea on that eyebrow-raising T-shirt she flaunted in an Instagram post last October. Hold onto your hats – it’s about to get as entertaining as a cat chasing a laser pointer!

So, there she was, the 28-year-old rapper, strutting her stuff in a shirt adorned with none other than Sam Hyde, the alt-right comedian with a sprinkle of neo-Nazi flavor. Cue the gasps and the internet breaking into a collective meltdown.

But fear not, because Doja has stepped into the confessional booth of Apple Music to set the record straight. Picture this: Doja, surrounded by musical notes and maybe a dancing emoji or two, explaining herself like the comedic maestro she is.

“First and foremost, let me make this clear – I’m about as political as a goldfish in a bowl,” she declared with the flair of a stand-up comedian about to drop the punchline of the century. “Politics? Nah, I’m good. I’m all about that creative vibe, joy, and living in the moment with my squad, my fam, and my music. You can’t know everything, right? So, I wore this T-shirt of a dude I found funny, and suddenly it’s an ‘attack’? Come on now, folks. The world didn’t crumble; we’re not checking our backs every five seconds. Relax!”

Doja, in a move as smooth as her beats, continued, “I can already hear the keyboard warriors typing away, ‘Oh, it did change everything!’ Well, newsflash, I’m, like, 100% too famous for this drama. Slowly but surely, I’m untangling myself from this wild narrative I accidentally stumbled into. I’m fine-tuning it, tailoring it, you know, making it the Chanel suit of my existence.”

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And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, she dropped the mic with, “Haters gonna hate, but my true fans know I’m just the funny guy on a T-shirt, wearing it like it’s Taco Tuesday. No need for me to break it down – I’m not here to prove myself to a bunch of skeptics. Some people are so set in their ways; you could recite Shakespeare on a unicycle, and they’d still be like, ‘Nah, evil person.'”

Doja Cat, the musical sensation, juggling controversies like they’re confetti at a New Year’s Eve party. Stay tuned for more because, let’s face it, the entertainment never stops when Doja’s in the spotlight!


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