Ben Affleck Picks Up Jennifer Lopez From the Gym After She Called Him “Lazy”

In the latest episode of “Ben and Jen’s Domestic Dilemmas,” we witness Ben Affleck giving a whole new meaning to the term “pick-up service” outside Jennifer Lopez’s gym. Yes, you heard it right—weeks after J.Lo branded him as “lazy,” Ben was spotted waiting in the getaway car like a hesitant teenager about to face the wrath of household chores.

Picture this: Ben, with his head and an arm out of the car window, looking more unsure than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Meanwhile, Jennifer emerged from Tracy Anderson’s gym flaunting killer abs in a white crop top, making us wonder if she’s secretly training for the next superhero movie.

Sporting platform trainers and dark grey workout trousers, Lopez was the epitome of fitness chic. Her honey-brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, as if to say, “I may be a global superstar, but I’m not letting flyaway hair ruin my workout vibes.” And let’s not forget the black eyeglasses—because shielding those celebrity eyes from the paparazzi flash is a workout in itself.

In a recent upload to her Delola drink Instagram, the 54-year-old singer and her 51-year-old beau hosted a Thanksgiving feast at their $60 million Beverly Hills property. Move over, turkey; J.Lo’s killer abs are the real showstopper at this holiday gathering.

But rewind a few weeks, and you’d discover that J.Lo bestowed a new title upon her 16-month-old husband, Ben. Forget “Batman,” he’s now the official “Litter-Box-Lazy-Man.” According to highly reliable sources (read: the rumor mill), the couple is in disagreement over the fine art of maintaining hygiene in their zoo-like household of eight dogs and a cat.

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Apparently, Jennifer “swears” she’s a one-woman animal care brigade, handling the critters like a superhero in a pet-friendly cape. On the flip side, Ben’s philosophy is more in line with, “Let’s throw money at the problem and hire someone.” But hold on, J.Lo ain’t having any of that. She’s convinced that Ben’s got more free time than a catnap in a sunbeam, so in her world, he’s just being the dreaded “L-word”—yes, “lazy.”

In the battle of the litter boxes, who will emerge victorious? Will Ben ever escape the shadow of the “lazy” label, or will Jennifer Lopez’s superhero pet-care antics continue to steal the spotlight? Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of “Keeping Up with Bennifer: Home Edition.”


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