Mariah Carey Begins ‘Merry Christmas One and All Tour’

All hail the undisputed Christmas monarch, Mariah Carey, as she soars through the winter wonderland on her ‘Merry Christmas One and All Tour.’ Last night (November 15) in Highland, California, the show unfolded like a festive extravaganza, giving us a front-row seat to Mimi’s holiday magic.

Picture this: Mariah, bedazzled in tinsel and glitter, belting out ‘Joy to the World,’ ‘Silent Night,’ and ‘Oh Santa’ like she’s personally delivering gifts to every house on the block. And, of course, brace yourselves for the grandeur of the one and only ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’—the song that’s been stuck in your head since mid-October.

Like a musical Santa Claus, Carey delighted the crowd with surprises from her vast repertoire, sprinkling in gems such as ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Hero.’ Because who says Christmas is only about chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Mariah believes it’s also about hitting those high notes and reminding us all that we, too, can reach for the stars (or at least the top shelf where the holiday cookies are hidden).

In case you missed the festive fiesta, here’s Mariah’s ‘Joy to the World’ that’ll have you saying, “Move over, Santa, Mariah’s sleigh is the only ride I want this Christmas!”

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