Margot Robbie Opens Up About Lady Gaga Playing Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie has spilled the beans on Lady Gaga taking the wheel of the Harley Quinn mobile in the upcoming cinematic rollercoaster, October’s Joker: Folie à Deux.

For those living under a rock, Margot was the OG Harley, strutting her stuff in 2016′s Suicide Squad, 2020′s Birds of Prey, and 2021′s The Suicide Squad. But hold on to your popcorn, because Gaga is about to don the infamous red and black for the sequel to the 2019 flick Joker, where Joaquin Phoenix left us all questioning reality.

Variety, being the detectives they are, popped the million-dollar question to Margot, “Are you hanging up Harley [Quinn]’s bat now that Lady Gaga is playing the character in the upcoming Joker: Folie à Deux?”

In a plot twist even M. Night Shyamalan didn’t see coming, Margot replied with a sassy grin, “I always wanted Harley to be a character that would get passed on to other actresses to play, the way there are so many iconic male characters. That was always the dream for her.”

Margot spilled the tea, saying, “Harley’s so fun and can go in so many different directions. You put her in someone else’s hands, and it’s like, ‘What are they going to do with her?’ The options are endless.”

So, buckle up! It’s not just a sequel; it’s a wild ride where even Harley Quinn herself is excited to see what Gaga will bring to the table. Can we get a round of applause for passing the baton and making Harley the superhero fashionista of our dreams?

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Margot Robbie Opens Up About Lady Gaga Playing Harley Quinn


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