Daniel Radcliffe Almost Starred in ‘Abbott Elementary’

Hold onto your wands and your mops because here’s a magical revelation: Quinta Brunson spilled the beans on a potential Abbott Elementary casting that could’ve been straight out of Hogwarts!

Picture this: Quinta Brunson, genius behind Abbott Elementary, had a brainwave brighter than a Lumos spell. She thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be hysterical if Daniel Radcliffe, yes, THE Daniel Radcliffe, joined the Abbott crew as Mr. Johnson’s long-lost son?”

Now, before you summon your Patronus out of sheer excitement, let’s backtrack. These two aren’t strangers to sharing the screen. They’ve already whipped up some cinematic and comedic concoctions in the past, like that bizarrely brilliant 2022 flick “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” and the side-splitting TBS series “Miracle Workers.”

So, why did Quinta want to sprinkle a dash of Radcliffe magic into the halls of Abbott Elementary? According to her, it was a stroke of pure, unadulterated lunacy. Picture a bunch of writers in a room, probably fueled by coffee and questionable snacks, pondering life’s deepest mysteries. Then, BAM! Someone blurts out, “What if Daniel Radcliffe played Mr. Johnson’s offspring? Not as a character, mind you, but as himself?”

The thought was as bonkers as a Niffler in a jewelry store. Imagine Harry Potter himself, strolling into Abbott Elementary, broomstick in one hand, mop in the other, ready to tackle the messes of both magical and mundane proportions.

And who’s Mr. Johnson, you ask? Well, he’s the unsung hero of the school, the janitor extraordinaire, played by the incomparable William Stanford Davis. Just picture the sheer chaos and charm of having Radcliffe swing by, sweeping up spills while dropping Dumbledore quotes like confetti.

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Alas, it seems this fantastical crossover wasn’t meant to be. But hey, in a world where a boy wizard can battle dark lords and a janitor can steal the show, anything’s possible. Maybe one day, in a parallel universe, Daniel Radcliffe will don his Hogwarts robes once more, this time with a sidekick mop and a mischievous grin, ready to make magic amidst the chaos of Abbott Elementary.


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