Lizzo Asks to Have Stylist’s Lawsuit for Harassment Dismissed

In a world where lawsuits are more common than celebrity perfume lines, Lizzo finds herself caught in the legal crossfire. Imagine a plot twist where the ‘Juice’ singer is accused of creating a workplace more dramatic than a reality TV show. Hold on to your gowns!

So, there’s this former stylist and designer, Asha Daniels, who decided to throw some legal confetti Lizzo’s way, claiming the singer turned her work environment into a chaotic carnival of chaos. Apparently, it was so wild that even the circus called and asked for tips on how to step up their game.

Asha, the unsung hero of overtime, alleged she worked longer hours than it takes a sloth to decide on brunch. She stitched and styled her heart out for Lizzo’s tour, all while dreaming of a coffee break that never came. Cue the world’s smallest violin playing for Asha.

But fear not, because Lizzo’s legal cavalry has arrived, armed with the mighty weapon of dismissal. They argue that Asha “played hooky” and did the disappearing act on the day of a Paris concert. I mean, who wouldn’t want to ditch work for the City of Love, right?

Lizzo’s legal maestros have two main points in their grand symphony of defense. First, they claim the lawsuit was filed in the wrong ZIP code. It’s like sending a pizza delivery to the moon — entertaining, but not very practical. Second, they argue that Asha, a New York resident, had as much business suing in California as a penguin does in a hot tub.

In response, Asha’s attorney, Ron Zambrano, threw shade at Lizzo’s legal antics, labeling them a “Hail Mary.” It’s almost as if he’s implying that Lizzo’s legal team is attempting a touchdown dance in stiletto heels. The drama just keeps escalating, like a soap opera where the characters trade legal jabs instead of love letters.

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Zambrano is standing firm, ready for a court showdown where Lizzo will have to explain her behavior like a student caught passing notes in class. It’s the legal equivalent of bringing popcorn to a courtroom — you know you shouldn’t, but you can’t resist the temptation.

This legal rollercoaster comes after Lizzo’s dance troupe accused her of creating a workplace straight out of a nightmare. Forget about haunted houses; Lizzo’s team allegedly dealt with harassment, fat-shaming, and a work environment so hostile it makes the Hunger Games look like a friendly game of bingo.

The saga of Lizzo and the lawsuit that’s funnier than a stand-up comedy special. Stay tuned for the next episode, where the courtroom becomes the stage, and justice is the headlining act.


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