Chris Martin Noticed Girlfriend Dakota Johnson “Was Really Struggling” With Depression

Guess what? Dakota Johnson spilled the beans on her epic battle with the blues, and it involves none other than her musical maestro boyfriend, Chris Martin, who apparently has a PhD in spotting emotional distress even when it’s cleverly disguised under a Cats T-shirt. The musical, not the actual furry creatures.

During a sidesplitting speech at the 2023 Hope for Depression Research Foundation annual luncheon in the city that never sleeps (New York, for the uninitiated), the 34-year-old actress shared the hilarious revelation. Picture this: Dakota, in her low day glory, vehemently denies any struggle when suddenly, Chris Martin, the emotional detective, swoops in and goes, “Hold up, darling, why are you rocking a Cats T-shirt? You can’t fool me!” And just like that, the depression haze lifted.

Dakota has a knack for comedy, and not just in her choice of feline-themed fashion. She confessed that she initially panicked when she learned she was getting an advocacy award for her depression talks. She was like, “Wait, how did they find out about my secret relationship with depression?” Turns out, the foundation had receipts dating back to 2015 when Dakota unintentionally became the advocate-in-chief of the mental health struggle.

In her own words, “If me cracking a joke or sharing a relatable story can make someone out there feel less alone, then hey, call me the laughter therapist. I’m all in for spreading those good vibes.”

And let’s not forget her comedic coping mechanism. Dakota, the stand-up philosopher, spilled the beans on her secret weapon against the darkness – comedy! She candidly admitted, “I often talk about depression and anxiety like it’s my quirky sidekick. It’s like Batman and Robin, but way less heroic. Using comedy to mask the pain? It’s my superhero move. If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. And let’s face it, crying ruins the mascara.”

Dakota’s got this depression thing on lockdown. She’s embraced the chaos, found solace in laughter, and has even turned her wardrobe into a mood ring of emotional transparency. So, here’s to Dakota Johnson, the Cats T-shirt crusader against the blues, proving that sometimes all you need is a good laugh and a partner with a sharp eye for questionable fashion choices. Keep rocking those quirky tees, Dakota!



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