Jennifer Love Hewitt Went “Through A Lot in 2023”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is spilling the beans on her rollercoaster of a year, and trust me, it was more twisted than a pretzel at a yoga class.

In her Insta-confession on the last day of 2023, the 44-year-old 9-1-1 star spilled the tea on the clandestine chaos that went down in her life. It’s like she had a secret battle with the universe, and the universe wasn’t holding back any punches.

“Guess what? This year I navigated through a maze of craziness that would make a cat video go viral. And the best part? Y’all had no clue about it!” Jennifer spilled the beans, or in this case, the cookies, because she also revealed she’s become the undisputed queen of baking in the process.

Between wiping baby butts and dealing with the shenanigans of Autumn, Atticus, and Aidan (her squad with hubby Brian Hallisay), Jennifer found time to school herself on the art of dough and sugar. Move over, Gordon Ramsay, there’s a new baking sensation in town.

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Our girl learned it’s perfectly fine to schedule a solo party for one – mentally, physically, and emotionally. She even took up professional praying and manifesting. Yep, she’s got a direct line to the universe now, and it’s on speed dial.

“I belly laughed so hard I gave my abs a workout that rivals any fitness class,” Jennifer shared, proving that laughter truly is the best ab workout. Forget crunches; just tune in to some stand-up comedy.

Oh, did we mention she battled a cold that lasted longer than a soap opera marriage? That’s right – Jennifer fought the good fight against the sniffles and came out on top, armed with tissues and a sense of humor.

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In a plot twist worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, she found herself having more faith than a gambler in Vegas. But hey, sometimes life throws curveballs, and Jennifer handled them like a pro, even if she was secretly googling “how to catch a curveball.”

Our leading lady also embraced the world of sweating it out for the sake of mental health. Working out suddenly became a love affair, and Jennifer’s endorphins were dancing the salsa like nobody’s business.

She took risks on herself and her big dreams, proving that sometimes the best things happen when you dare to be your fabulous self. And if that’s not enough drama, she delved into the depths of grief, waved it goodbye, and Marie Kondo-ed negativity out of her life like a decluttering pro.

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With her mom’s spirit doing a happy dance around her, Jennifer bid farewell to things that were about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Making room for good vibes in 2024, she celebrated a decade of bliss with her main squeeze, got inked, and let life’s lessons school her like a boss.

So, here she stands – happy, blessed, grateful, and pumped with hope. As she sends out her New Year’s wishes, Jennifer’s not just praying for a better world but practically sending the universe a memo: “Less pain, fear, and heartbreak, please!” Love to all, and may your 2024 be as epic as Jennifer’s journey through chaos and cupcakes. Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉

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