Kat Dennings Got Married to Andrew W.K. in Their Backyard

Kat Dennings just leveled up in the game of life – she’s officially hitched!

In a plot twist better than any sitcom, the 37-year-old dynamo from 2 Broke Girls tied the knot with none other than the rockin’ maestro Andrew W.K. Their love story unfolded like a romantic comedy, culminating in a whimsical wedding extravaganza in the enchanted realm of their Los Angeles backyard.

Picture this: November 27, Kat in a vintage Alexander McQueen gown, and Andrew, the 44-year-old music maven, saying “I do” amidst the garden gnomes and overgrown lawn furniture.

The engagement bomb dropped in May 2021, a mere blink of an eye after the world found out about their lovey-dovey escapades. Vogue snagged an exclusive interview with the blushing bride, who spilled the beans on their decision to swap the glitz and glam for a cozy home wedding.

“About three years back, Andrew sauntered into my life like a rock ‘n’ roll Cupid,” Kat reminisced. “At the end of his visit, we looked at each other and thought, ‘Why go through the trouble of ever being apart?’ Lo and behold, we both proposed in the kitchen simultaneously.”

“But the siren call of the kitchen engagement was too strong to resist,” Kat confessed. “A home wedding was a no-brainer. Plus, all our stuff was there, so we didn’t have to bother with the hassle of packing.”

“I wanted our wedding to be the antithesis of an ‘industry event’ in every way,” Kat declared with the passion of a stand-up comic. “I even DIY-ed all our wedding florals, aisle pieces, and our ceremony arch. Three days of glue guns and floral tape – that’s commitment! I wanted us to build our special day from the ground up.”

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Among the star-studded guests were Kat’s partner-in-crime Brenda Song and her hubby, Macaulay Culkin. The ceremony was more emotional than a soap opera marathon, with love vibes so thick you could cut them with a cake knife.

Kat spilled the tea on the rollercoaster of emotions: “My dad kicked the bucket a month and a half before, and for a hot second, I thought we should hit pause on the wedding. But then I figured, why not grab onto any ounce of joy life throws our way?”

“Mom played the role of aisle escort, and I was living in the moment,” Kat shared, holding back the happy tears. “Grateful for Andrew, for our peeps, and for the fact that I snagged such a sweet and loving dude. The ceremony? Bit of a blur, but in the best way possible. We just stared into each other’s eyes, high-fived fate, and BOOM – husband and wife!”

Here’s to the newlyweds, may your marriage be as epic as a sitcom finale and as rockin’ as an Andrew W.K. concert! Cheers to love, laughter, and a lifetime supply of cake!

Kat Dennings Got Married to Andrew W.K. in Their Backyard


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