Penelope Cruz is Stressed Out About Turning 50

Penélope Cruz is gearing up to hit the big 5-0, and guess what? She’s more stressed than a cat at a dog show about it! In a side-splitting interview with the Los Angeles Times, the one and only Vanilla Sky sensation spilled the tea on why the big 5-0 is giving her more worry lines than all her movie roles combined.

“I’m always worrying about everything,” confessed Cruz, sounding like the queen of overthinking, which, let’s be honest, is a universal skill we all secretly possess.

And as if turning half a century wasn’t enough, Cruz is sweating bullets over the birthday bash. She spilled the beans, saying, “So, I don’t think I could worry anymore because of turning 50.” Well, Penélope, welcome to the club – the Overthinkers Anonymous.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star revealed her dream birthday celebration involves cozying up with hubby Javier Bardem and their adorable duo of mini-me’s. But hold your horses; her friends have other plans! They’re like, “Oh, honey, you’re throwing a party, whether you like it or not!”

“All my friends are preparing me, like, ‘You are going to be forced to do a party this time,’” Cruz lamented. We feel you, Penélope – sometimes friends are like party-planning ninjas, sneaking up on you with surprise celebrations.

And let’s talk about the stress levels at those shindigs. Cruz spilled the tea on the chaos: “It’s loud and you cannot really hear each other and it becomes so stressful.” Who knew a birthday bash could turn into an episode of Zoolander 2 meets a rock concert? Maybe Penélope needs to consider hiring sign language interpreters for her birthday bonanza.

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But fear not! Cruz is contemplating the art of partying without panic. “Maybe I have to learn,” she mused, proving that even Hollywood royalty struggles with the intricacies of birthday blowouts.

In a shocking revelation, Cruz spilled the beans about missing the Oscars because of Covid. Hold on to your popcorn! “I haven’t shared this with anyone, but you want me to tell you what happened at the Oscars when I was there for Parallel Mothers? I was there and I tested positive a week and a half before and I only tested negative the day before. It was craziness,” she spilled, turning the red carpet into a quarantine zone.

As we gear up for the big 5-0 celebration and await the hilarity of Penélope’s birthday bash, one thing is certain – the party might be loud, but Cruz’s sense of humor is louder! Watch out for her next blockbuster, Ferrari, where she’s trading in birthday stress for the fast lane of Enzo Ferrari’s life. Buckle up for laughter and horsepower!


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