Vanessa Hudgens Spotted for The First Time Since Wedding to Cole Tucker

Guess who’s radiating that “just got hitched” sparkle? None other than the fabulous Vanessa Hudgens!

Our 34-year-old starlet is now back in the City of Angels, strutting her stuff in cozy athleisure as she tackles the thrilling adventures of post-wedding errands. Picture this: Vanessa rocking a matching Athleta fleece set, looking like the epitome of wedded bliss as she casually pops by a store. Because who says you can’t be both comfy and fabulous while running errands?

In case you missed the memo, Vanessa recently took the plunge into marital bliss with none other than professional baseball player Cole Tucker. The duo exchanged vows in a low-key ceremony down in Tulum, Mexico โ€“ because why settle for anything less than a picturesque paradise for your nuptials?

Now, if you’re wondering where the real scoop is, worry not! Vogue has spilled the beans with the official wedding photos. We’re talking the whole shebang โ€“ from the stunning venue that probably put fairytales to shame to the epic lineup of six bridesmaids who undoubtedly brought the party with them. Because, let’s face it, a wedding without a solid squad of bridesmaids is like a taco without salsa โ€“ it’s just not the same.

So, here’s to Vanessa, her cozy post-wedding athleisure, and a marriage that’s bound to hit a home run โ€“ after all, she did marry a baseball player! Talk about knocking it out of the park, both in fashion and in love.

Vanessa Hudgens Spotted for The First Time Since Wedding to Cole Tucker
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