Chrissy Teigen Celebrated Her 38th Birthday by Getting Ketamine Therapy

Chrissy Teigen just spilled the beans on her wild and wacky birthday bash!

The supermodel and TV sensation hit the grand age of 38 on Thursday (November 30), and let’s just say, she didn’t go for the usual cake-and-candles routine. No sir, she went all out with her partner in crime, John Legend, their adorable mini Legends, and a bunch of pals.

In a sidesplitting Instagram post chronicling the escapades of her special day, Chrissy spilled the tea on her unique celebration, which included a sprinkle of ketamine therapy. Because why not?

Decked out in a stunning white dress adorned with flowers and a bow that would make gift-wrapping jealous, Chrissy shared snapshots of her lunchtime shenanigans with pals and candid moments with John and the kiddos.

“I had a really nice birthday ๐Ÿฅน,” she spilled in her caption. “Went to see my buddies @flamingo_estate, had a fancy lunch with friends, then took a wild trip down the ketamine therapy rabbit hole. Saw space and time, had a rendezvous with baby Jack, encountered some eccentric penguins, and cried buckets โ€“ seriously, buckets. Then, snuggled up with my little munchkins, followed by some hot pot action, and capped it off by hanging with my partner in crime ๐Ÿ’—.”

Because nothing says happy birthday like a journey into the cosmos fueled by ketamine and a side of weird penguins. Move over, standard birthday parties โ€“ Chrissy just raised the bar, and we’re all here for the cosmic chaos!

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