Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Addiction to Painkiller Drug Percocet

Nicki Minaj, the fierce femcee with a wardrobe that makes your wildest dreams look like leftovers from last night’s pizza, is spilling the tea on her rocky road to stardom.

Picture this: Nicki gracing the December cover of Vogue Magazine, looking so fly that even the high-fashion gods had to pause and applaud. But this feature isn’t just about serving looks; it’s also a tell-all confessional about her peculiar relationship with Percocet – the drug she used to be besties with.

So, here’s the scoop! It all started innocently enough. Nicki got herself a Percocet prescription to deal with the agony of menstrual cramps. But let’s be real, Aunt Flow ain’t no joke, and who wouldn’t want a magic pill to make her exit less dramatic?

Now, hold on to your wig because it’s about to get juicy. Nicki ended up hooked on Percocet like it was the latest Netflix series she couldn’t stop binge-watching. Even when her cramps were off-duty, Percocet was still on the clock.

In her own words, she spilled the tea, saying, “No one told me that this was a narcotic and this was addictive. Luckily, I was able to snap back to reality, but let’s face it – once you’ve been bitten by the addiction bug, you’re stuck in the web. It’s like a bad Tinder date – left swiped, but never truly forgotten. I mean, if you’ve ever danced with the addiction devil, you’re one shuffle away from a slippery slope.”

Nicki couldn’t help but ponder the perils of being a celebrity while dallying with substances. She pointed out that famous faces often end up in situations more bizarre than a sci-fi thriller. Remember Michael Jackson moonwalking his way to Neverland? Or Whitney Houston hitting those notes and the headlines? And let’s not forget Prince, who silently battled his demons while looking fabulous.

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The lesson here, folks, is that even the GOATs (Greatest of All Time) can have a little too much goat in their lives. It’s like they decided one day, “You know what? I’d rather have a solo dance-off with my demons and self-medicate in my own enchanted bubble.”

As for the timeline of Nicki’s affair with Percocet, she left us hanging like a thriller movie cliffhanger. But hey, we all have our secrets, right?

In a twist of fate, Nicki also dished on her dad’s past romance with cocaine. She reminisced about the days when her pops and the white powdery stuff were inseparable. She wished she’d known back then that her dad wasn’t intentionally turning into a thief in the night, raiding his kids’ video game stash for some pocket change. I mean, who would willingly become a video game thief, right?

Turns out, addiction had taken the driver’s seat in their lives, turning them into victims of their own vices.

And just when you thought the tea had been spilled, Nicki teased her upcoming album ‘Pink Friday 2,’ dropping on her 41st birthday, December 8. Get ready for more rhymes and revelations because Nicki’s not just a rapper; she’s a therapist in disguise, ready to take us on a rollercoaster ride through her life and the quirks of stardom.


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