Bethenny Frankel Slams Chanel After They Refused Her Entry

Bethenny Frankel, the woman who always knows how to keep things spicy, recently took to Instagram to give the world a piece of her mind about the alleged Chanel snub she experienced in Chicago. Now, picture this: Bethenny, armed with a big bag of Garrett’s popcorn, just wanted to do some window shopping. But lo and behold, an attendant cracked the door open and denied her entry because, gasp, she didn’t have an appointment. Yes, it wasn’t the popcorn that was the problem (though now I’m craving some), but the lack of a booked slot in her schedule. Who knew you needed a reservation to browse Chanel? Sacré bleu!

Bethenny, star of “Real Housewives of New York City” and all-around drama queen, shared her ordeal in a hilarious Instagram rant. She explained how she tried to waltz into the Chanel store, only to be stopped cold at the door by a security guard.

“I’m like, ‘No, I don’t have an appointment. I have a credit card. I have a bag of Garrett’s popcorn, a basic bitch purse. Am I not allowed to come in at 3:54 on a Tuesday?’ Evidently not,” Frankel, 53, informed her 3.4 million followers with the perfect mix of indignation and popcorn crumbs.

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“To be treated like you’re an interloper… I didn’t realize we weren’t allowed to walk into stores anymore. Gotta get a pap smear appointment and also to walk into Chanel. No big deal,” she added, seamlessly combining luxury fashion with gynecological procedures. Bravo, Bethenny, bravo.

Bethenny, always one for the dramatic flair, noted in her caption that while “security is critical” in these high-crime times, the security guard’s behavior was just a tad too elitist and snooty for her taste. Especially since she was rocking a “sweaty t-shirt and not dolled up or looking wealthy.”

“In business, first impressions are lasting. I would never want anyone to feel lesser than, particularly from a luxury brand making billions off people buying into the hype,” she pontificated, likely while shaking her head and munching more popcorn.

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“Chanel is a beautiful brand with timeless classic pieces. Being kind to customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds is also timeless and classic,” she concluded, probably thinking about all the timeless, classic popcorn she could have bought with Chanel prices.

Chanel’s reps, perhaps busy booking appointments or polishing pearls, didn’t immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

This isn’t Bethenny’s first rodeo with Chanel. She’s flaunted their fancy duds online and at swanky events, and let’s not forget the time she showed off her $20,000 Chanel birdcage bag. Yes, a birdcage. For $20,000. Internet jokers couldn’t help but poke fun at her for it.

“Ok, as much as I love Chanel, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Come on, now, even for Chanel, this is stupid,” one commenter wrote, probably while clutching their own birdcage, but like, for actual birds.

Props to Bethenny for the epic rant, managing to squeeze “Chanel” and “pap smear” into the same breath. It’s about damn time! Here’s the video of her flaunting that $20K birdcage bag. Apparently, she and her then-fiancé shelled out actual cash for it, treating it as an “art piece.” To each their own, I guess. But really, if she’s got a Chanel birdcage in her closet, should she be that surprised about needing an appointment to get through the front door? Methinks Bethenny was either already riled up or just thought, “Hey, this’ll make great content,” and hit record. Stirring up drama is basically her brand, after all.

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But hey, one thing she does deserve credit for is her push to unionize the Real Housewives cast members. Power to the people; the working women just trying to save up 2,000,000 pennies to buy a purse.

And in a plot twist, Bethenny eventually did get into Chanel when she returned dressed to the nines. Because of course, she did. Classic Bethenny.

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