Justin Timberlake Previews New Single ‘Selfish’

Justin Timberlake is not just dipping his toes, he’s doing a full-blown cannonball into the pool of music madness with his upcoming album, ‘Everything I Thought I Was.’ Brace yourselves because JT is about to unleash his musical extravaganza, and he’s not holding back!

In a move that shocked absolutely no one (because, well, it’s JT), our favorite curly-haired pop sensation spilled the beans on the release date for the album’s lead single, ‘Selfish.’ Hold onto your hats, because this musical rollercoaster is about to take off at full speed!

Fresh from a free homecoming show at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis (because why not have a free show when you’re Justin Timberlake?), our man JT couldn’t resist giving us the deets on when we can all get a taste of ‘Selfish.’ Drumroll, please! The track is set to drop this Thursday, January 25. Yes, that’s right, in just a few days, you can bask in the glory of JT’s latest masterpiece.

Justin, being the generous soul that he is, has gifted us a sneak peek of ‘Selfish.’ Get ready to have your musical taste buds tantalized because this snippet is hotter than a jalapeño dipped in Sriracha. Produced by the man himself, along with the dynamic duo Louis Bell and Cirkut, ‘Selfish’ promises to be the anthem we never knew we needed.

So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to dance like nobody’s watching because Justin Timberlake is back, baby! ‘Everything I Thought I Was’ is about to drop, and ‘Selfish’ is just the appetizer we need to whet our musical appetites. It’s JT’s world, and we’re just living in it – one funky beat at a time!

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