Ariana DeBose Tells Believers at ‘Wish’ Movie Premiere: “Never Stop Believing”

Ariana DeBose just dropped some cosmic wisdom for all you dream-chasers out there, and boy, it’s like a motivational speech on a rollercoaster. Buckle up!

So, there she was, at the glitzy premiere of her Disney flick Wish, flashing her wisdom like she’s handing out party favors. In her best Oprah voice, Ariana declared to the PEOPLE, “Never stop believing!” Cue the confetti cannons and motivational unicorns.

With a twinkle in her eye, she dropped the truth bomb, “You know, your dreams don’t work unless you do.” Preach, sister! It’s like she’s the fairy godmother of reality checks.

In a world that’s tougher to navigate than a maze made of spaghetti, Ariana served up hope on a silver platter. “Your dreams have possibility, they always do, never give up on them,” she urged, probably with jazz hands. Because if you’re gonna dream, might as well make it a Broadway production, right?

And then, in a moment of reflection deeper than a philosophical cat meme, the West Side Story queen said, “It’s never the path that’s obvious.” Picture her in a detective hat, Sherlock style, solving the mystery of life.

To spice things up, she threw in some career advice salad, “Sometimes in order to be re-inspired, you have to choose a different path, and you never know where it’s going to take you.” It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but with more glitter and fewer dragons (probably).

“But it’s always led me to really interesting places,” she revealed, like she’s the Indiana Jones of showbiz. Cue the theme music.

Now, in case you missed the fashion memo, Ariana rocked a gown inspired by her character Asha, who, by the way, doesn’t wear a tiara but totally deserves a ballgown moment. Because, priorities.

She even struck a pose next to Julia Michaels, the songwriting genius behind Wish, and Rochelle Humes, the voice behind, you guessed it, Rochelle. It’s like the ultimate Disney squad goals picture – move over Avengers.

And the grand finale? Wish hits theaters tomorrow (November 22), ready to sprinkle some magic on your mundane life. So, grab your popcorn, your dreams, and get ready for a ride crazier than a unicorn on roller skates. The magic is real, people!


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