Why Joy Behar is No Longer on ‘The View’

Joy Behar pulled a disappearing act on The View, leaving fans in a tizzy on Thursday, November 2, and Friday, November 3. But fret not, dear viewers! This 81-year-old comedy wizard hasn’t run off to join the circus permanently. No, no! She’s just taking a brief hiatus to conjure up more hilarity for an upcoming project. Rest assured, the queen of quips will soon return to her rightful throne on the beloved talk show, ready to unleash her comedic prowess on the world.

As the show kicked off on Friday, the ever-charismatic Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t resist cracking a joke about her presence on a Friday. You see, Whoopi usually reserves her Fridays for leisurely activities like leisurely napping, leisurely binge-watching, or leisurely not-being-at-work. “Do not adjust your set. It is Friday. We are live, and I am here,” she teased, sending shockwaves through the space-time continuum. Normally, it’s Joy who opts for a Monday snooze-fest. On both Fridays and Mondays, the dynamic Ana Navarro swoops in to save the day.

But why was Joy gallivanting around while Whoopi was holding down the fort? Whoopi spilled the beans, “Joy is out today, because she’s getting ready for the premiere of her play ‘Bonkers in the Boroughs’ at the New York Comedy Festival.” And if there’s one thing we know about Joy, it’s that she’s bound to give that play the comedic kick in the derriere it deserves. Whoopi continued, “We know she’s going to kick butt and break many legs, and we’re very excited for her. Plus, it’s sold out, which is kind of fantastic. Well, I mean, who wouldn’t want to witness the hilarity extravaganza?

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‘Bonkers in the Boroughs’ is set to grace the stage at the New York Comedy Festival on Friday, November 3 at 7 p.m., and it doesn’t stop there! There will be encore performances on Saturday and Sunday. Joy has even spilled the comedic beans on The View, revealing that the show consists of five short plays inspired by each of New York’s five boroughs. Oh, and did we mention that she’s going to grace one of those plays with her theatrical finesse? Move over, Broadway, here comes Joy!

Now, in the unlikely event that Whoopi has to take a day off (hey, even superheroes need a breather), Joy usually takes over the reins as the moderator. We remember the time when Whoopi had a bout of COVID-19 and missed the season premiere. Joy swooped in like a comedic superhero. And who could forget the time Whoopi took a day to meet Pope Francis? They chatted about that one for ages when she returned.

Why Joy Behar is No Longer on ‘The View’


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