Victoria Monet Says Taking Her Daughter Hazel to The Grammys Was “A Disaster”

Victoria Monet has officially declared a red carpet embargo for her adorable little troublemaker, Hazel. After the chaos that ensued at the 2024 Grammys, where Victoria scooped up more awards than she could juggle, including Best New Artist and a couple more for her album Jaguar II, she’s decided Hazel needs a timeout from the glitz and glam.

In a recent chat, Victoria spilled the beans on the red carpet disaster, hinting that Hazel might have caused more mayhem than a flock of seagulls at a beach picnic. “Let’s just say it was a toddler tornado situation. We’re talking sippy cups flying, crayons rolling, and tantrums echoing through the hallowed halls of the Grammys,” Victoria confessed to Entertainment Tonight.

As for Hazel’s future in the limelight, Victoria’s laying down the law. “We’re hitting pause on the red carpet adventures for a hot minute. Mama needs a breather, and Hazel needs some serious etiquette lessons,” she declared, waving her parenting flag high.

But fear not, music world, for Hazel isn’t retiring to a life of toddler luxury just yet. Oh no, this mini-mogul-in-the-making is already making waves in the studio. “I mean, she’s practically a Grammy veteran already. It’s like she was born with perfect pitch and a knack for stealing the spotlight,” Victoria chuckled. Hazel made history as the youngest Grammy nominee ever, rubbing shoulders with the likes of her mom and Earth, Wind & Fire for their toe-tapping tune “Hollywood.” So, watch out, music industry—Hazel’s coming for those awards, and she’s not even out of diapers yet!

Victoria Monet Says Taking Her Daughter Hazel to The Grammys Was “A Disaster”

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