Travis Kelce’s Publicist Makes Fun of Taylor Swift

It’s time for the latest episode of “Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: A Love Story That’s Stranger Than Fiction!” You know, the tale of romance that has the whole world watching, and now even the clowns are involved. No, really, clowns! Let’s dive into this circus of drama, shall we?

First off, Taylor Swift was MIA in Denver during the Broncos-Chiefs game. And guess what? The Broncos won! Maybe Taylor didn’t want to distract Travis Kelce with her presence, but word on the street is that she had a good reason – she’s in hardcore rehearsals for her South American tour. Rehearsals? We can only imagine her backup dancers trying to keep up with her elaborate choreography as she belts out “Shake It Off.”

But you know what they say, rehearsals can wait because Taylor is back in Kansas City quicker than you can say “Kansas City Chiefs.” Yep, she rushed back to be by Travis’s side after their loss. Plus, she wanted to spend Halloween with him. The burning question is: What will her costume be? “Cheerleader” is our top guess. You know, to cheer Travis up after the loss!

Now, onto the clown car of drama. Taylor’s beau, Travis, has a publicist named Pia Malihi, and she inadvertently kicked up a storm on Instagram. Picture this: Pia posted a birthday shoutout on Instagram for a friend but decided to slap a clown emoji right on Taylor’s face. Talk about clowning around! Swifties were not pleased, and they swarmed Travis’s comments section faster than you can say “clowngate.” They suggested Pia might need her own publicist, and some even proposed she be fired. Pia wisely went private to avoid the circus.

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Now, here’s where it gets really wild. Pia’s friend clarified that the “bday clown” wasn’t meant to be shady. It was all about keeping the focus on Pia’s birthday. Who knew a clown emoji could cause such chaos? Other emojis like balloons, confetti, a cake, and a gift could have done the job. But, alas, the clown made an uninvited appearance.

A celeb gossip account, Deuxmoi, defended the situation, saying it was all an accident. So, it seems like Pia might not be the evil clown we thought. She even once clarified a rumor about Taylor bringing notes to a Chiefs game. And wait for it, Pia’s previous connection to Scooter Braun (the guy who bought Taylor’s masters) adds another layer of intrigue to this clown emoji conundrum.

The Swifties are still a little wild for turning this into a full-blown circus. But, hey, with Scooter Braun in the mix and Pia’s questionable emoji choice, maybe they’re onto something. The excuse of “the BIRTHDAY clown” is just hilariously bad. Seriously, Pia, you work in PR – come up with a better cover story! And as for Travis not firing her over this mess, well, we’ll believe it when we see it. Poor Pia, though. Remember the time Desus Nice and The Kid Mero got death threats from Swifties? They had to involve the FBI. Now, imagine being a publicist and reposting a clown emoji over Taylor’s face – that’s a whole new level of drama! 🤡😂


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