Tiffany Haddish Releases Official Statement After Second DUI

Guess who had a wild night out on the town? None other than the hilarious Tiffany Haddish, who recently added a DUI to her collection of adventures—her second in less time than it takes to binge-watch a season of your favorite sitcom!

Our favorite 43-year-old comedian and actress decided to turn her car into a cozy nap pod, catching some z’s at the wheel. Someone must have thought they stumbled upon a celebrity snooze fest because they promptly dialed up the Beverly Hills Police Department at the crack of dawn on Friday (November 24). Tiffany, we’ve all been there, but not all of us get the cops involved!

And let’s rewind a bit to the start of her day, where Tiffany was the modern-day superhero we never knew we needed—distributing food to the needy at The Laugh Factory. But alas, as the day turned into night, things took an unexpected turn. She found herself enjoying the musical stylings of the Yächtley Crëw at the El Rey Theatre, and if only the night had ended there, right?

In a brief moment of seriousness, Tiffany promised the world, “This will never happen again.” We’re picturing her shaking her fist at the universe while making this bold declaration. She even spilled the beans to ET, admitting she needs a crash course (no pun intended) in balance and boundaries. Don’t we all, Tiffany, don’t we all?

Now, for the pièce de résistance—the tale of how Tiffany’s Tesla became an overnight valet. According to the comedian, she dozed off, and like the magical chariot it is, her Tesla decided to park itself. What a considerate vehicle, right? The only hiccup? It chose to stage this impromptu slumber party right in the middle of the road. Bravo, Tesla, bravo.

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Despite this hiccup (or should we say “nap-cup”?), Tiffany’s in “good spirits.” She even gave a shout-out to the Beverly Hills Police Department, complimenting their professionalism in handling the situation. Well, at least she can laugh about it now, and so can we. Tiffany, you’ve truly mastered the art of turning a traffic stop into a stand-up routine. Here’s to hoping her next adventure involves a little less drama and a lot more laughter!

Tiffany Haddish Releases Official Statement After Second DUI


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