Teyana Taylor Smuggles Food Into the Met Gala But Hasn’t Been Banned Yet

Guess what? Teyana Taylor spilled the beans on her annual Met Gala shenanigans during a sidesplitting appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 32-year-old dynamo, who’s not just an actress and model but also a secret food ninja, spilled the deets on her covert operation at the prestigious event.

Hold onto your haute couture, because Teyana spilled the tea that she feared the wrath of fashion queen Anna Wintour for her sneaky escapades. But lo and behold, she’s still Met Gala’s unspoken MVP! Teyana, who made her grand entrance in 2021 and has been a repeat offender every year since, confessed her guilty pleasure: smuggling in a feast fit for a fashionista.

Picture this: a collaboration with her designer buddy, Thom Browne, resulted in a custom-designed bag that could rival Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpet bag. This bag was no ordinary accessory; it was a floral wonderland, big enough to house Teyana’s secret stash of goodies. Move over, red carpet – here comes the snack carpet!

Teyana gleefully spilled the tea to Jimmy Kimmel, unveiling her epic food heist. Chick-fil-A, Sour Straws, Skittles – she basically had a three-course meal tucked away! Can you imagine the audacity of chowing down on nuggets and fries while surrounded by high-end fashion? Teyana can, and she’s our hero for it.

Now, the best part is, she fully expected the fashion police to kick her out, but guess who’s got her back? None other than the legendary Anna Wintour. Turns out, Wintour is a real one, letting Teyana slide into the gala with her contraband cuisine. Teyana’s reaction? “Yeah, Anna! That’s my girl!” Who knew the Met Gala had a secret menu, and Teyana Taylor was the one spicing it up? Move over, fashionistas – there’s a snacktivist in town!

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