Taraja Ramsess, Marvel Stuntman, and His Three Kids Die in Car Crash

In a shocking twist of fate, Taraja Ramsess, the superhero stuntman extraordinaire from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has taken an unplanned exit stage left at the tender age of 41. It wasn’t a villain or an alien invasion that did him in, no, it was a run-in with a rather uncooperative tractor-trailer on a Halloween night joyride in Georgia.

Picture the scene: Taraja and his little squad of sidekicks (aka his children) were cruising along when suddenly, bam! They collided with a tractor-trailer that apparently chose the most inconvenient time to throw in the towel on the highway. Talk about a plot twist!

Local news bigshots over at WSB-TV were quick to break the news that Taraja, along with his daughters Sundari (13) and the superhero-in-the-making Fugibo (just 1 month old), met their untimely end in this highway hijinks. Meanwhile, his son Kisasi, the 10-year-old “Sauce the Boss,” valiantly fought on in critical condition, only to bid adieu to this world a few days later.

On the bright side, Taraja’s 3-year-old daughter, Shazia, lived to tell the tale, albeit with some minor battle scars. It seems even in real life, our superhero was determined to leave a few heroes behind.

Taraja’s grieving mother turned to the all-powerful social media to share the family’s tragic story. In her own words, “My beautiful, loving, talented son Taraja @chop.saki, along with two of my grand babies, his 13 yo daughter Sundari and his 8-week old newborn daughter Fujibo, were killed the previous night in a horrific traffic accident.” She then went on to describe Taraja’s love for martial arts, motorcycles, and everything related to filmmaking. If that wasn’t enough, she made sure to let us in on his quirky sense of humor – a bit droll, a tad wicked, and sometimes cornball corny. Quite the package, huh?

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As for Sundari, fondly known as “Sunny,” she was a beacon of light herself, with a penchant for dance moves that could make even the grumpiest supervillain tap their feet. But alas, it seems the cosmic scriptwriters had different plans.

In a separate post, Taraja’s mother paid a heartfelt tribute to Kisasi, who, in her words, “joins his father Taraja @chop.saki and sisters Sundari and Fujibo on their journey.” A journey that’s a lot more mysterious and adventurous than any MCU plotline.

In this tale of tragedy, our thoughts go out to all those who knew and loved this extraordinary family. Taraja Ramsess, with his impressive stunts in Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame, was undoubtedly a superhero on and off the screen. His legacy lives on, and his children will be remembered as the mini-marvels they were, adding their unique chapter to this cosmic story. Rest in peace, Taraja, and may your afterlife adventures be as action-packed as your time here on Earth!


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