Sydney Sweeney Also “Almost Died” While Filming ‘Anyone But You’

Sydney Sweeney spilled the beans on a wild escapade during the shooting of her latest romantic comedy, Anyone But You, where she shares the screen with the dashing Glen Powell.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with the ever-smiling Jimmy Fallon, the 26-year-old Euphoria star hilariously recounted a scene that went haywire, reaching the point where she thought her dramatic demise was imminent.

In this particular cinematic gem, Sydney found herself in the clutches of a so-called “trained” huntsman spider. Now, who in their right mind thinks you can actually train a spider? Sydney certainly didn’t.

Despite the spider’s supposed education, it decided to throw its eight-legged manners out the window and took a bite at the unsuspecting actress. “They told me it was trained,” she exclaimed. “I don’t know how you train a freaking spider.”

Picture this: Sydney, in the middle of a scene, supposed to be interacting with her arachnid co-star, when suddenly, the spider channeling its inner diva, starts going all “bitey” on her. The script called for screams, but Sydney’s terror turned those screams into a horror movie audition.

“People thought I was making really serious dramatic choices in a rom-com. So no one cut,” she shared, as the chaos continued. There she was, with a spider sinking its fangs into her arm, screaming her lungs out, and the crew just casually watching the unexpected drama unfold.

Enter Glen Powell, the hero of the day. Sensing the urgent need to save the damsel in distress (and possibly the production), he stepped in, and finally, someone yelled, “Cut!”

Sydney later confessed, “That was like a soul scream. I thought I was gonna die. Well, I was like, ‘It’s poisonous. I’m gonna die.'”

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To add a comedic twist to the whole spider saga, the on-set medic documented Sydney’s spider-induced injury with a wink, declaring her the newly anointed Spider-Woman. Little did they know, Sydney was destined to bring the arachnid superhero to life in the upcoming Madame Web, a fact she found ironically amusing.

“At that time, they had no idea about Madame Web,” she chuckled. It seems life imitates art, especially when it involves unexpected spider bites and unintentional superhero transformations.

And, just in case you thought the spider chaos was exclusive to Sydney, Glen Powell recently shared his own near-death encounter on the movie set. Rom-coms: where love blooms, and spiders stage a rebellion!


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