Prince Harry “Really Misses” King Charles

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, seems to be going through a bit of a royal emotional rollercoaster these days. The lad was practically on the verge of busting out some royal tears when reminiscing about his dear old dad, King Charles. We all know the monarchy can be a bit stiff-upper-lip, but this was next-level stuff!

So, this body language wizard, Judi James, decided to don her magnifying glass and check out Harry’s chat with Tom Bradby, which took place back in 2023. According to Judi, it was like watching a robot programmed to say, “I love my father, I love my brother, I love my family,” on an endless loop. It was like he was stuck in a “royal love” trance.

But here’s where it gets interesting! When he started yapping about the good ol’ days with his pops, you could practically see the heartbreak oozing out. It was like a soap opera flashback, with loyalty and fun exploding out of nowhere! Cue the emotional background music.

Judi spilled the royal tea, saying, “He was all ‘I love my family’ robot mode, but the moment Daddy came up, it was like someone had turned on the waterworks!” Yep, it seems like Prince Harry might be a real-life drama queen in the making.

And then there was that magical moment when he brought up Kate’s name. Suddenly, his stiff upper lip turned into a warm, fuzzy, affectionate-looking eye-smile. It’s like mentioning Kate is the secret code to unlock his genuine emotions. Who knew that the Duchess of Cambridge had such magical powers over Prince Harry’s facial muscles?

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Prince Harry’s feelings are like a comedy-drama, where he’s stuck between robotic “I love yous” and moments of heartbreak, all while Kate’s name is the punchline that brings out his goofy grin.


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