Paris Hilton Celebrates Her Parents’ Wedding Anniversary After Welcoming Second Child

Paris Hilton’s parents just hit another milestone in their eternal love saga, and Paris couldn’t help but sprinkle some glitter on the occasion!

The glamorous socialite, who recently upgraded her resume to include “baby mama” alongside her partner in crime, Carter Reum, decided to throw it back with some never-before-seen family photos. And you know it’s serious when Paris gets sentimental!

In a move that would make even Shakespeare shed a tear, Paris penned a heartwarming note that read, “Happy anniversary to the dynamic duo @KathyHilton @RickHilton7!” We can only imagine them exchanging heart emojis in the family group chat.

“I’m so thankful to have witnessed the spectacle of your epic love and the soap opera that is my life wouldn’t be the same without it. Thanks for setting the bar so high – no pressure, right? Love you crazy kids!” she added, probably while sipping champagne in a room filled with chandeliers.

Paris recently gave her fans a double treat by introducing her newborn baby girl, London, in an Instagram post that probably broke the cuteness scale. She captioned it with a simple yet profound statement: “Thankful for my little nugget.”

According to the Hollywood gossip grapevine (also known as Us Weekly), Paris and Carter are over the moon about their newest family member. An insider spilled the beans, saying, “Paris and Carter are doing the happy dance since London made her grand entrance. Even Phoenix, the OG sibling, is on board and ready to show his little sister the ropes.”

In case you missed the wedding bells ringing, Paris Hilton and Carter Reum sealed the deal in 2021. And just when you thought their love story couldn’t get any more fabulous, they welcomed their first bundle of joy into the world on January 16, 2023, courtesy of a surrogate who probably deserves a round of applause and a lifetime supply of chocolate.

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So here’s to Paris, Carter, and their growing squad – may your love story continue to be as entertaining as a reality show marathon with a side of laughter and a sprinkle of unicorn dust! Cheers to the Hilton-Reum extravaganza! 🎉✨


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