The Cast of ‘Euphoria’ Were “Constantly On the Phone” After Angus Cloud’s Death

Get ready to chuckle through the tears as Sydney Sweeney spills the beans on her Euphoria co-star Angus Cloud’s demise. Angus, the youthful 25-year-old, kicked the bucket over the summer, leaving us all questioning the script of life.

In a not-so-weepy revelation, Sydney spilled, “[My fellow actors and I] practically turned our phones into sobbing hotlines because Angus’ departure was like the plot twist we never saw coming. I’m convinced it won’t hit me until we’re back on set, and I realize Angus won’t be there to steal my snacks between takes.”

“While we’re busy pretending to be dramatic on camera, we’re also forming an elite squad of emotional support behind the scenes. It’s like therapy with a side of glitter eyeshadow. Dealing with the demise of a colleague in our glamorous industry is peculiar. They may be gone, but they’re still making cameos in our hearts and onscreen,” she spilled to Glamour UK, proving that even in the glitzy world of showbiz, laughter is the best medicine for a script that takes unexpected turns.

The Cast of ‘Euphoria’ Had Constant Phone Calls After Angus Cloud’s Death
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