Matthew Perry’s Pickleball Coach Speaks Out After Perry Died From Playing Sport

Matthew Perry, the man we all know and love, was a pickleball fanatic. He loved that game more than some people love their morning coffee. And get this, he was out there on the pickleball court just hours before his untimely departure on that fateful Saturday.

You might be wondering, who’s the man behind the man, the pickleball whisperer to the stars? It’s none other than pickleball guru, Matt Manasse. When Matt heard the news, he sprang into action, like a superhero in neon shorts and a wicked backhand. He reached out to a fellow coach who had the honor of playing pickleball with Matthew that day.

She spilled the picklebeans, revealing, “Yeah, he was on the court with us. I won’t say how long he played, but man, he was on fire!” Matthew was basically a pickleball prodigy, and that didn’t shock anyone.

Matt spilled the pickle-tea on Matthew’s passion for the sport. He said, “Matthew believed pickleball was his ticket to recovery, and boy, was he crushing it! He was out there five times a week, yapping about it like it was the latest gossip. He improved by leaps and bounds, and to top it off, he had the whole court in stitches. The man was competitive, but in the most lovable way. He wanted to win more than a kid wants candy on Halloween night.”

Now, hold your pickleball paddles because here’s the real kicker: Matthew was a genuine, good-hearted guy. He cared about everyone like he cared about that winning shot. He never missed a chance to crack a joke and make everyone burst into laughter.

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According to Matt, when they started playing pickleball, it was just the two of them. But as word of Matthew’s legendary pickleball skills spread, they started bringing in other players. Pickleball was more than just a game for him; it was his sanctuary. He couldn’t wait to step onto the court, bring his A-game, and, of course, revel in the glory of his most jaw-dropping shots for days on end.

But it wasn’t just about the game. Matthew had a heart of gold that was bigger than a jumbo pickle jar. He cared about people, brightening their days with his humor and infectious spirit. Dinner dates, Super Bowl gatherings – you name it, he was there, spreading the joy and laughter wherever he went.

So, as we bid adieu to Matthew Perry, let’s remember the man who conquered both the small screen and the pickleball court. He was more than just a sitcom star; he was a pickleball legend with a hilarious heart of gold. Rest in pickleball paradise, Matthew. You’ll be acing it up there, making the angels laugh their wings off. 🏓😇🥒


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