Lauryn Hill Postpones ‘Miseducation Tour’ Dates

Guess what? Lauryn Hill is hitting the pause button on her world tour, and no, it’s not because she lost track of time this time.

Remember when Lauryn’s trademark tardiness made headlines? She basically told the crowd, “You’re lucky I even made it.” Well, buckle up, because there’s a sequel.

Turns out Lauryn is postponing the ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 25th Anniversary Tour’ due to some unexpected health issues. In an open letter that probably had more suspense than a thriller novel, she spilled the tea on her vocal struggles and dropped the bomb that she’s suffering from “vocal strain.” Uh-oh!

Hold on to your hats. She’s rescheduling all the shows except one, and you better believe she’s doing it for the sake of her precious vocal cords.

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In her heartfelt letter, Lauryn gushed about the tour, the epic reunion with the Fugees, and how sharing the stage with Wyclef and Pras was like stepping back in time to the golden era of “It could all be so simple…” and “Ready Or Not, here I come!” Classic, right? No, seriously, she used the word “classic” so many times that we almost started a countdown.

Lauryn has been battling vocal strain for a month, and she’s been popping prednisone like it’s candy just to make it through each show. But here’s the plot twist: that stuff can mess you up if you overdo it. So, Lauryn is taking a breather to give her voice a vacation from medication.

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The shows that got the ax this year? Don’t worry; they’re making a comeback in 2024. And guess what? New cities are getting in on the action. Lauryn’s world domination tour is expanding, people!

But fear not, Philly! The show this weekend is still on because, well, they practically consider it a hometown gig. Lauryn doesn’t want to disappoint her neighbors, so she’s wrapping up the year with one final shindig. It’s like the grand finale of a fireworks display, but with more soul.

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Lauryn sent a shoutout to everyone who joined the celebration – fans, band members, crew, production peeps, and even Day 1-OG-CAMP members (whatever that means). It was legendary, y’all!

So, let’s all wish Lauryn a speedy recovery, shall we? We need her back on stage pronto, dishing out those classics and making us laugh with her unintentional comedy of tardiness. Get well soon, Lauryn – the world needs more of your epicness! 🎤🌟

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