Bar Refaeli Continues to Attack Gigi Hadid Over Pro-Palestine Stance

Bar Refaeli is back in the ring, ready to give Gigi Hadid a run for her money in the “Who Can Stir Up More Social Media Drama” championship. It’s like a virtual reality boxing match, but with emojis and hashtags instead of gloves and a ring announcer.

So, what’s the beef this time? Well, it all started when Gigi, the 28-year-old model who’s practically half Palestinian, decided to share some info on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Now, we’re not saying she’s a geopolitical expert, but let’s just say her Instagram story became the battlefield for some serious fact-checking.

Gigi dropped an infographic bomb, claiming Israel was running a unique summer camp where they keep children as “PRISONERS OF WAR.” Move over Disney World, there’s a new vacation spot in town. The example she threw in the mix was Ahmed Almanasra, who, according to the post, was snatched up by the Israelis at the tender age of 12. Plot twist: he was actually arrested for going on a stabbing spree in Jerusalem, openly admitting he was on a mission to hurt Jews.

Scooter Braun, music mogul and Instagram detective, called out Gigi on her post, basically telling celebs to fact-check before hitting that share button. Bar Refaeli, never one to miss a good social media showdown, grabbed a front-row seat and reposted Scooter’s message. But that wasn’t enough drama for Bar. Oh no, she cranked it up a notch.

In a move that deserves a drumroll, Bar shared a video featuring an interview with an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson. They spilled the tea on Israel’s Iron Dome defense system and threw shade at Hamas, pointing fingers at them for starting the war. The spokesperson made it clear: “Our war is against Hamas, not the Palestinians.” It’s like a reality TV show, but with international relations drama.

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And just to make sure Gigi got the memo, Bar tagged her in the post. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet! It’s like a social media soap opera, and we’re all here for the drama. Will Gigi fire back? Will Scooter continue his fact-checking crusade? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Insta-Clash: Model Edition.”

Bar Refaeli Continues to Attack Gigi Hadid Over Pro-Palestine Stance



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