Kesha Reveals How She’s Doing Since Parting With Dr. Luke

Kesha, the glitter-loving warrior princess, is spillin’ the tea on her newfound freedom post-breakup with Dr. Luke’s label and her management crew. You know, the ones she accused of playing dirty back in 2014. Well, after what felt like a century-long legal showdown, they’ve finally called it quits, and Kesha is strutting away like she just won the pop star Olympics.

So, what’s the 411? Kesha, the “Praying” sensation, officially bid adieu to Dr. Luke’s label, Kemosabe, and her manager posse at Vector Management on a fine Monday (December 18). It’s like a musical divorce, but with fewer lawyers and more glitter bombs.

Now, imagine this: Kesha, the 36-year-old dynamo, hits up TikTok to spill the beans on her post-breakup feels. Picture her frolicking on a beach, soaking up the sun, and making a splash in the ocean. Oh, and as if that weren’t cool enough, she’s got the ethereal vibes of “Space Song” by Beach House serenading her aquatic escapade.

Kesha, in all her post-breakup glory, captions the video with a zinger: “I haven’t felt this free since I was 18.” Cue the confetti cannons and dancing unicorns because Kesha is out here reclaiming her freedom like it’s the hottest accessory of 2023.

Kesha, the phoenix rising from the ashes of legal battles and industry drama, is back, baby! And she’s not just back; she’s back with a splash, a laugh, and a TikTok that’s making waves in the pop culture ocean. Cheers to Kesha, the unapologetic queen of musical liberation!


♬ Space Song – Beach House

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