Kendall Jenner Dons a Cape to Beverly Hills Dinner

Guess what? Kendall Jenner is basically the walking definition of fashion fabulousness!

This 28-year-old style wizard casually strolled into Wally’s restaurant in Beverly Hills on Monday night (December 11), and honey, she turned heads like it was her job – oh wait, it is!

Picture this: Kendall owning the streets in a tan caped leather trench coat straight out of Bottega Veneta’s dreams. And if that wasn’t enough to make you jealous of her closet, she threw in some black stockings and killer black heels. Yes, she’s out here making sidewalks her personal runway.

But hold your fashion gasps because the saga continues! The very next day, Kendall decided to bless us mere mortals with another style spectacle. This time, she opted for a suede trench coat from The Row, paired effortlessly with jeans. I mean, who looks this good heading to an afternoon meeting? Kendall, that’s who!

While the rest of us struggle to decide between sweatpants and yesterday’s T-shirt, Kendall Jenner is out there treating everyday life like a fashion show. Can we get a front-row seat to this style extravaganza, please?

Kendall Jenner Dons a Cape to Beverly Hills Dinner
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