Dua Lipa Fronts YSL Beauty as Global Makeup Ambassador

Get ready to paint the town rainbow because guess who’s strutting into the makeup world? None other than the sensational Dua Lipa, now officially crowned as the Global Makeup Ambassador for YSL Beauty! Move over, ordinary beauty standards, because Dua’s here to break those boundaries with all the sass and sparkle she’s got up her sleeves.

In a statement that probably had unicorns dancing in delight, Dua declared, “Forget canvas, fragrances and makeup are my artistic playgrounds! It’s all about expressing my inner wild child, my creativity, and of course, my fabulousness. Joining forces with YSL Beauty feels like popping confetti all over my makeup bag!” Seriously, can we just take a moment to appreciate her infectious enthusiasm?

And let’s talk about Stephan Bezy, the bigwig at YSL Beauty, who’s practically doing cartwheels over this collaboration. He gushed, “Having Dua Lipa on board is like adding a sprinkle of fairy dust to our brand! She’s not just about slapping on makeup; she’s about making a bold statement, shouting from the rooftops, ‘This is me, world!'”

Dua’s not stopping at just smelling good; she’s diving headfirst into the lip gloss ocean with YSL’s latest creation, LOVESHINE! Picture this: lips so luscious they make strawberries jealous. Tom Pecheux, the maestro behind the makeup magic, spilled the tea on LOVESHINE, saying, “It’s like a love letter to your lips, drenched in dewy goodness. This collection? It’s like wrapping your pout in a cozy cashmere sweater, but way juicier!”

Get your popcorn ready because the YSL LOVESHINE extravaganza is about to hit your screens faster than you can say, “Gimme that glam!” With Dua leading the charge, this campaign is set to light up your Instagram feed, your TV screen, and heck, maybe even your dreams!

So mark your calendars, because come March 15, your lips are in for a treat! Get ready to pucker up with the new YSL Loveshine Wet Shine Lipstick, guaranteed to make Cupid blush. And if you’re too impatient to wait, fear not! These beauties will be gracing store shelves by the end of the month, just in time to kiss those boring lipsticks goodbye!


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