Doja Cat Responds to Allegations of Blackface

Doja Cat is in the spotlight, and this time it’s not just for her catchy tunes but for defending herself against accusations that she’s dipped her toes into the murky waters of blackface. She recently teased a new project that had some folks scratching their heads, but let’s dive into the hilariously bizarre details.

The 28-year-old rapper and singer unleashed a teaser video that featured her normal self and her alter ego, Scarlet, who’s drenched in fake blood. Now, before you go thinking she’s trying to pull off some twisted blackface stunt, relax; Scarlet is actually her latest album. Yes, an album, not a misguided attempt at racial transformation.

However, some folks on the internet had a minor panic attack, thinking that the red fake blood was actually blackface. Now, Doja Cat’s response to these comments was as blunt as a sledgehammer to the funny bone.

At the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Doja decided to bring her Scarlet persona to life with a group of dancers, all painted red – not black. She made sure to clarify this point with all the subtlety of a marching band playing a drumroll. She took to Instagram Stories, breaking the news gently with a sentence that goes something like this: “YOU HAVE TO BE… A VERY SPECIAL KIND OF F-CKING STUPID” spread across photos from her performance. The pictures clearly showed her dancers rocking the color red, not black, in case anyone needed a big, red reminder.

In the teaser video, Doja’s alter ego decided to interview her, and it started with a bang. “This might be a silly question,” she begins, “Do you appreciate the people and the fans who support your music?”

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Meanwhile, the voices inside regular Doja’s head seemed to have a bone to pick with her fans, whispering things like, “I hate my fans. My fans are dumb.” But our girl Doja, in a stunning act of diplomacy, manages to say, “Yeah.”

The interviewer, seemingly relieved, responds with an enthusiastic, “Nice. Love that. Love that.”

Now, we’re still not entirely sure what this mysterious project is all about, but we’ll have to wait until Monday, November 13, to find out, according to the rapper’s social media post. Who knows, maybe it’s a tutorial on how to tell red from black for the colorblind.


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