Cher’s Ex-Daughter-in-Law Accuses Star of “Careless Treatment” Of Her Son

Elijah Blue Allman’s estranged wife, Marieangela King, has thrown some serious shade at Cher for sending him on an unexpected vacation to a “lockdown facility” in Mexico. According to King, Cher and her clan have a long-standing tradition of leaving her out of the decision-making process when it comes to Allman’s “treatment and hopeful recovery.”

In a shocking twist, King claims she wasn’t even consulted when Cher allegedly pulled off a daring stunt, whisking her son away to rehab. But hold your horses; this wasn’t your typical rehab – Cher apparently chose a “locked cage” instead of a “legitimate, ethically operated” facility. The drama is real!

The 77-year-old singer and actress is now vying to be the supreme ruler (or, conservator) of her son’s estate. Why? To “protect Elijah’s property from loss or injury,” citing his alleged bout with substance abuse. Legal documents, hot off the press and obtained by Page Six, spill the tea on Cher’s quest for control.

Cher argues that King is unfit to be in charge because their relationship has been a rollercoaster of “drug addiction and mental health crises.” King, on the other hand, fires back, vehemently denying that she ever played the role of Allman’s enabler. She boldly states that she’s never dabbled in “substance abuse, mental health, or addiction issues” herself. Shots fired!

King is not on board with the whole rehab spectacle orchestrated by Cher. She’s not cool with Allman being coerced into “pop-up, makeshift, unethical scam rehabs” that apparently take advantage of desperate families and aim to pull a fast one on insurance companies. It’s a wild ride of accusations and counter-accusations!

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King’s representative spills the beans, revealing that she had hoped to sort out Allman’s substance abuse woes privately before Cher decided to throw her hat in the conservatorship ring. Looks like the battle for control is heating up faster than a disco inferno!


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