Aubrey O’Day Speaks Out On Sexual Assault Allegations Against Diddy

Aubrey O’Day, the eternal critic of all things P. Diddy, has decided to throw her two cents into the ring again. This time, she’s serving up some real talk, telling everyone to quit fixating on Diddy’s dating life and start focusing on the alleged crimes instead. She’s shaking the table and telling it like it is.

In her signature style, Aubrey took to X (you know, the app formerly known as Twitter) to drop her wisdom bomb on February 28. With all the sass and sparkle of a pop diva, she declared, “Sexuality is not as neat and tidy as y’all want it to be… focus on the crimes.” Girl, you tell ’em!

Now, let’s talk about those alleged crimes. Diddy, the man with more legal drama than a daytime soap opera, is facing yet another lawsuit. This time, it’s from his former employee, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. Lil Rod is spilling the tea, claiming that Diddy and some mystery musician buddy were allegedly getting into all sorts of trouble with underage girls and sex workers at Diddy’s swanky pads and yachts. Talk about a wild ride!

Lil Rod dropped some hints about the identities of these two alleged troublemakers. He described one as an R&B superstar who recently rocked the Super Bowl stage and had a killer Vegas residency. Hmm, sounds like Usher, right? And the other? Well, Lil Rod dished that he’s a Philly rapper who once had a thing for Nicki Minaj. Meek Mill, anyone? The plot thickens!

Now, you’d think Usher and Meek would be running for cover, but nah, they’re clapping back with the force of a thousand memes. Meek took to X to shut down the rumors, swearing up and down that nobody’s ever approached him about any funny business. And he’s got a point – can you imagine the chaos if someone did? Talk about a headline!

Another day, another scandal in the world of showbiz. But hey, at least Aubrey’s here to keep us entertained with her no-nonsense attitude and killer one-liners. As for Diddy and the gang? Well, it looks like they’ve got some explaining to do.

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