Usher Goes Shirtless For SKIMS Mens Campaign

Get ready to groove in your Skims, because Usher is teaming up with Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS for a collab that’s bigger than a touchdown at the Super Bowl!

Picture this: Usher, the smooth operator himself, strutting his stuff in SKIMS Mens. He’s not just feeling the music, he’s feeling the fabric. “When they called me up and said, ‘Hey, Usher, wanna join forces with SKIMS?’ I was like, ‘Hold up, am I dreaming or did Kim K just invite me to the coolest party ever?'” Usher said, probably with a dance move or two thrown in for good measure.

And why wouldn’t he jump at the chance? Kim’s been cheering him on since way back when, and now they’re teaming up to drop some serious style bombs on the world. It’s like a match made in celebrity heaven, y’all.

Usher’s got a new album, “COMING HOME,” dropping on February 8, and what better way to celebrate than by strutting his stuff in SKIMS? It’s like the stars aligned, or maybe it’s just the rhythm of the universe syncing up with that killer bassline.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, Usher’s also headlining the Super Bowl halftime show on February 11. So get ready to shake it off in your SKIMS while Usher brings down the house with his smooth moves and killer vocals.

But hey, don’t take our word for it—check out the campaign video below and get ready to witness the ultimate fusion of style, music, and pure unadulterated fabulousness. Because when Usher and SKIMS team up, there’s no telling what kind of magic might happen.

@skims @Usher Raymond ♬ original sound – SKIMS

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