Taylor Lautner Reveals He and Robert Pattinson Were Never Friends While Working on ‘Twilight’

Taylor Lautner is reminiscing about the good ol’ days of not exactly harmonizing with his Twilight partner-in-crime, Robert Pattinson, and engaging in a quirky off-screen competition.

The 31-year-old thespian spilled the tea on the Call Her Daddy podcast, shedding light on their not-so-buddy-buddy dynamic and how the fans’ reactions to their on-screen alter egos added a pinch of spice to their real-life camaraderie.

“I mean, it was like trying to teach a cat to play the saxophone – tough stuff,” he hilariously confessed. “I can’t speak for Rob, but for me, it was like trying to untangle headphones in the dark. Tricky business.”

According to Taylor, forming a bromance with Rob was as challenging as assembling IKEA furniture without the manual because, well, they were as different as a pineapple and a pancake.

“We were like two pieces from different jigsaw puzzles – close but not quite fitting,” Taylor mused. “I mean, he’s in his own vampire brooding world, and I’m over here just trying to perfect my nonchalant werewolf strut. Mismatch made in Hollywood heaven.”

Reflecting on those awkward balcony moments, Taylor spilled the beans on the peculiar symphony of fan reactions that served as the background music to their uneasy friendship.

“Picture this: Rob and I, standing on a balcony like two peacocks in a confusing zoo, surrounded by 10,000 fans who were basically running an emotional relay race. Booing Rob, cheering for me, then a sudden plot twist – half booing me and cheering for Rob. It was like a romantic comedy with an identity crisis,” he chuckled. “And amidst this chaos, Rob and I had to conjure up some semblance of friendship. Let’s just say, it was a masterclass in the art of being ‘frenemies.’ Not for the faint of heart!”

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In the grand saga of Hollywood odd couples, Taylor and Rob’s mismatched camaraderie shines as a comedic gem, proving that even in the world of brooding vampires and stoic werewolves, the backstage drama can be as entertaining as the on-screen spectacle.


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