Rosalía is Dating Jeremy Allen White

We’ve got the scoop on the latest romantic rollercoaster ride! Brace yourselves as we spill the beans on none other than Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía, who’ve just hit the dating scene.

According to our trusty sources at Us Weekly, these two lovebirds have upgraded from pals to paramours. Yep, you heard it right—they’ve taken the plunge into the realm of romance. An insider spilled the juicy details, saying, “Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White have recently started dating. They started out as just friends, but things have turned romantic recently.” Cue the collective ‘awws’ and surprised gasps!

But hold your horses; this update didn’t just drop out of the blue. Oh no, it’s been brewing in the rumor cauldron for the past few months. Picture this: Jeremy and Rosalía casually strolling through a farmers market in Los Angeles, radiating heart-eyed vibes in October. If that’s not adorable enough, TMZ caught them sharing an intimate smoke break in West Hollywood. Love is in the air, my friends, and apparently, so is a touch of rebellious romance.

Now, before you start drafting your congratulations card, let’s take a quick detour down Jeremy’s romantic history lane. Remember Ashley Moore, the model who got a taste of White’s PDA magic in August? Well, that ship has sailed, my friends. Jeremy’s love boat is now cruising with Rosalía at the helm.

In the midst of all this lovey-dovey madness, spare a thought for Addison Timlin, Jeremy’s now estranged wife. She pulled the plug on their four-year marriage by filing for divorce in May. Talk about a plot twist! The ex-couple shares a two-year-old daughter named Dolores, making this love saga a true family affair.

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In a recent interview with British GQ, the After Everything actor spilled the tea on his turbulent personal life, describing it as a rollercoaster of “high highs and terribly low lows.” Well, Jeremy, we hope this new romance with Rosalía brings a bit more stability to your love life. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lot less drama in the days ahead! Cheers to the birthday boy and his newfound love story! 🎉💘

Rosalía is Dating Jeremy Allen White



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