Patrick Dempsey Joins ‘Dexter: Original Sin’ Prequel Series

Patrick Dempsey is diving into the world of Dexter: Original Sin like a surgeon into a vat of jello!

On Thursday (June 20), it was revealed that the 58-year-old heartthrob and Grey’s Anatomy escapee will be slicing his way into our hearts once again as a series regular in the highly anticipated prequel to the fan-favorite Showtime series, Dexter. You remember Dexter, right? The show that had us all nervously eyeing our charming neighbors from 2006 to 2013?

In this new blood-spattered adventure, we have Patrick Gibson stepping into the bloody shoes of Dexter Morgan. Yes, you read that right. A new Patrick playing Dexter. It’s like musical chairs with serial killers!

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So, what’s our beloved Dempsey up to in this crimson-tinged tale? He’s stepping into the shoes of Aaron Spencer, the Miami Metro Homicide Captain with a “decades-long relationship” with Christian Slater’s Harry Morgan. Just think: Dempsey and Slater, two captains steering the ship of chaos and body bags. According to Variety, it’s going to be a buddy cop drama with a deadly twist!

Set your time machines to 1991, because this series takes us 15 years before the original Dexter went on his nocturnal adventures. We follow young Dexter (Gibson) as he transitions from a mild-mannered student into a night-stalking avenger. Imagine a college student trying to juggle exams, dorm life, and the occasional bout of vigilantism. It’s like Harry Potter but with fewer wands and more knives.

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Our young Dexter has some serious daddy issues to work through, guided by his adoptive father, Harry (Slater). Harry’s the Yoda of homicide, teaching Dexter to channel his inner dark side. Instead of light sabers, they’re using the “Code” – a moral guideline to ensure Dexter’s extracurricular activities are aimed at the right targets and don’t end with him in handcuffs. It’s like a murderous mentorship program!

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And if that wasn’t complicated enough, Dexter’s getting his hands dirty with a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department. Talk about working under pressure! It’s like trying to ace a chemistry exam while cooking meth – not that we’re condoning that!

As of now, Showtime is keeping the premiere date under wraps tighter than Dexter’s plastic sheeting. But rest assured, it’s coming to spill blood and secrets soon. Stay tuned, keep your knives sharp, and maybe don’t invite the neighbors over for dinner just yet!

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