Paris Jackson Reveals Why She Covered All Her Tattoos at the Grammys

Paris Jackson, the illustrious offspring of the legendary Michael Jackson, made quite the splash at the 2024 Grammy Awards, and no, it wasn’t because she moonwalked her way down the red carpet. This time, it was all about her disappearing act with her tattoos.

Picture this: Paris, songbird sensation, strutting her stuff at the 66th annual Grammy bash in none other than Arena, the glitz and glam capital of Los Angeles. But wait, where are her tattoos? Gone, vanished, poof! It’s a magic show, and Paris is pulling out all the stops.

In an exclusive chat with Melvin Robert from ExtraTV, Paris spilled the beans—or should we say, spilled the ink—revealing that she covered up “every single one” of her tattoos. And why, you ask? Well, hold onto your monocles, because Paris wanted to give her Celine dress its own moment in the spotlight. Move over, tattoos, the dress is the new star of the show!

But Paris didn’t stop there, oh no! She dished out the deets on her music too. “It’s fun and loud,” she exclaimed, probably making Beethoven do a somersault in his grave. And let’s not forget her unique blend of folk poetry lyrics with the one and only Linda Perry’s production wizardry. It’s a musical match made in heaven, or maybe just a really cool garage studio.

And what about her look, you ask? Well, buckle up, because Paris served looks hotter than a fresh batch of fries! Picture this: a jaw-dropping asymmetrical strapless black dress, flaunting her abs like she’s auditioning for the next season of “Abs of Steel.” And let’s not forget the thigh-high slit, making Angelina Jolie’s leg at the Oscars look like child’s play.

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Accessorized to the nines with gold bling and a killer pair of strappy heels that could probably double as lethal weapons in a pinch, Paris was the epitome of chic. Oh, and did we mention her natural makeup and beachy waves? It’s like she stepped straight out of a magazine shoot and onto the red carpet, leaving us all wondering, “Can we please borrow your stylist, Paris?”


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