Lil Nas X and Kesha Announce Collaboration

Kesha, the unstoppable force of glitter and good vibes, is about to unleash her latest musical masterpiece, and this time she’s teaming up with none other than the sultan of the Old Town Road himself, Lil Nas X.

Breaking free from the clutches of Dr. Luke, Kesha, at the tender age of 36 (but with the spirit of a perpetually youthful unicorn), has officially declared her independence. She bid farewell to her tumultuous past with Dr. Luke, who, let’s be honest, she accused of more drama than your favorite soap opera.

In a move that makes us want to do a happy dance on a rainbow, the “Die Young” pop sensation spilled the beans about her collab with Lil Nas X. Picture this: Kesha holding a sign that screams “New music coming soon!” and Lil Nas X joining the party with a sign that says, “What she said!” It’s like a visual confirmation that the universe is about to get a serious dose of musical magic.

Hold onto your wigs, because Lil Nas X, the 24-year-old rap sensation behind “Industry Baby,” casually dropped the bomb on Instagram. He shared the iconic snapshot of Kesha and himself, along with the mysterious caption, “Next Friday.” Cryptic much?

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Lil Nas X’s shenanigans on X (formerly Twitter), you’ll know he’s been teasing fans like a mischievous musical wizard. One fan even prophesied that this dynamic duo is set to “drop the biggest song of 2024.” And honestly, we’re here for it.

So, get ready to turn your living room into a glittery dance floor because Kesha and Lil Nas X are about to drop a banger that’ll have you grooving well into the new year. These two have been teasing us with new material, and we can’t wait to see what sparkly surprises they have up their sleeves. Let the countdown to the musical extravaganza begin! 🌈✨

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