Fantasia Barrino Details Racial Profiling From AirBNB Host

Guess what happened to the fabulous Fantasia Barrino? She’s got a bone to pick with Airbnb, and it’s not about the thread count on the sheets!

Our beloved 39-year-old singer and actress took to the digital stage, aka social media, to spill the tea on an Airbnb adventure that’s more dramatic than a soap opera plot twist. Buckle up, because Fantasia’s family vacation turned into a comedy of errors.

Picture this: Fantasia, the queen herself, books a cozy little nest to celebrate her son’s birthday. But, oh no, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. As she embarks on her journey back home through cold rain, she spills the deets about how an Airbnb host tried to rain on her parade—or, in this case, her son’s birthday bash.

“My stomach is doing somersaults like it’s auditioning for a talent show,” she declares on social media (formerly known as Twitter). Apparently, the host had dreams of becoming the Grinch and attempted to evict Fantasia and her fam at the Cinderella hour, aka midnight. Rude much?

So, what was the crime that led to this eviction drama? Balloons. Yes, you heard it right—balloons! The host spotted these party accessories and assumed Fantasia was turning the house into Studio 54. Newsflash: It was just a birthday celebration for a 10-12-year-old. Chill, Airbnb Sherlock Holmes!

Fantasia fires back, “They accused us of throwing a rager with loud noises because of balloons and a game truck without a generator. The nerve!” She goes on to explain that they booked the right number of guests, and no one told them they couldn’t have company. Apparently, the house had more party vibes than a disco ball, with a fire pit, jacuzzi, game room, poker table—you name it.

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There’s a twist in this tale! Fantasia unveils her theory: racial profiling. Yes, she believes the host saw her beautiful brown skin and thought, “Oh, party time!” Cue eye roll. She wanted her son to have a blast with his pals, not deal with drama after 35+ days of promoting a movie she starred in. Can a queen catch a break?

Airbnb’s help account swoops in, cape and all, claiming they don’t “condone discrimination in any way.” Oh, really? The drama llama is calling, and Fantasia’s not hanging up anytime soon. The curtain’s risen on this comedy of errors, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Fantasia vs. Airbnb: Battle of the Balloons!”


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