Elizabeth Olsen Grabs Dinner in Paris With Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley

Hold onto your berets! The fabulous Olsen trio just took Paris by storm, and let’s just say, the City of Light hasn’t seen this much glamour since… well, ever!

Picture this: Elizabeth Olsen, the youngest of the Olsen dynasty, gathers her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, along with a gaggle of pals, for a soirée at none other than the swanky Caviar Kaspia on a glorious Thursday night. Yep, they didn’t just paint the town red; they bedazzled it in sequins and Chanel.

Now, here’s where it gets really juicy. As the clock strikes midnight (okay, maybe not midnight, but close enough), Elizabeth, the matriarch of the trio at a whopping 35 years young, saunters out of the joint, hand-in-hand with her main squeeze, Robbie Arnett. Cue the collective sighs of envy from bystanders as they glide into their chariot and zoom off to their regal lodgings. Talk about a modern-day fairytale!

The day prior, the dynamic duo of Mary-Kate and Ashley unveiled their latest sartorial masterpieces at Paris Fashion Week. And oh boy, did they bring the drama! Not content with just wowing the fashion elite with their impeccable designs, they decided to shake things up by banning smartphones from the show. Yep, you heard that right. Instead of snapping selfies and Instagramming every last detail, attendees were handed good old-fashioned notepads and pens. Because who needs pixels when you’ve got paper, are we right?

The Olsen sisters: taking Paris by storm, one fabulous soirée at a time. All hail the queens of chic!

Elizabeth Olsen Grabs Dinner in Paris With Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley


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