2 Chainz Hospitalized After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver in Miami

2 Chainz just had a wild ride in Miami that even his flashy chains couldn’t prepare him for! The 46-year-old rapper got a taste of Miami traffic in the most unexpected way possible – a Tesla decided it was time for a vehicular remix of his hit tracks.

Picture this: 2 Chainz, fresh from the Booby Trap strip club (because where else would a rapper named 2 Chainz be?), cruising down I-95 in his ride, probably thinking about the next verse he’s going to drop. Little did he know, a Tesla had other plans for his playlist.

In a twist that would make a Hollywood screenwriter jealous, the Tesla made a surprise entrance, crashing into 2 Chainz’s vehicle like it was auditioning for a Fast and Furious sequel. Talk about an unexpected remix!

TMZ shared photos of the crime scene, and it looks like the Tesla had a front-row seat to 2 Chainz’s car. The damage was so spectacular that it’s safe to say the Tesla was trying to collaborate on a new song – maybe something with a beat that goes “crash, boom, bang.”

But fear not, fans of blinged-out rap royalty! 2 Chainz might have taken a hit, but he’s more stable than your grandma’s old rocking chair. Reports say he’s nursing some neck injuries, but hey, that’s just another accessory to add to his collection.

In a true Hollywood fashion moment, 2 Chainz posted a video of himself getting into an ambulance – the new must-have accessory for every rapper. Dressed in black pants and surrounded by the drama of the flashing ambulance lights, it’s safe to say he’s taking this accident in stride, or maybe in a well-choreographed dance move.

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Before this unexpected car concert, 2 Chainz was living his best life at Art Basel events in Miami. He even showed off his culinary taste, buying colossal stone crab like it was going out of style. Little did he know, a Tesla had plans to spice up his evening with a dash of unexpected chaos.

As fans flooded social media with well wishes, some offered sage advice about the dangers of drunk driving. “Glad 2 Chainz is OK. Drunk drivers are a menace. Hope he recovers soon,” one fan preached, probably hoping the Tesla driver is taking notes.

So, as 2 Chainz takes a break from the rap game to recover from his impromptu Tesla remix, let’s all collectively wish him a speedy recovery. After all, the world needs more 2 Chainz, especially when he’s free from the clutches of Miami’s unexpected traffic maestros. #TeslaRemix #2ChainzSurvivor


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