Cynthia Erivo Thanks Ariana Grande For Having Her As Part Of Her Met Gala Performance

Cynthia Erivo just unleashed a whirlwind of gratitude towards her partner-in-crime and “sister” in dazzling performances, none other than the illustrious Ariana Grande!

So, picture this: Cynthia, just casually strolling through life, doing her thing, when suddenly, the Ariana Grande hotline blings. Now, for these two, chatting up isn’t exactly breaking news since they practically exchange words more often than most of us breathe air. But this call? Oh, it was a game-changer. Ari spills the tea—she’s been crowned the surprise act for the Met Gala, cue the confetti cannons! But wait, there’s more. She drops the bombshell that she wants Cynthia to join her in a duet. A duet, people! Cue Cynthia’s inner fan-girl having a meltdown. Of course, she accepts before Ari can even finish her sentence, because let’s be real, who says no to Ariana Grande?!

Now, fast forward to the big night. Cynthia’s battling nerves because, well, Ariana Grande is Ariana Grande, and she’s about to share a stage with her. But lo and behold, Ari struts in like the queen she is, making room for Cynthia like it’s no big deal. And there they are, two powerhouses belting out tunes, leaving the audience in a state of sheer awe. Cynthia’s pinching herself to make sure it’s real, while Ariana is there, radiating enough star power to light up the entire galaxy.

Cut to Cynthia’s Instagram post, where she spills the tea on their epic duet. She’s oozing with gratitude, sending shoutouts to everyone who made the moment extra special. And to Ari? Well, she lays it all out—she loves her to the moon and back, and words simply can’t capture how much that moment meant.

Of course, Ariana swoops in with her own comment, professing her love and admiration for Cynthia, sealing the deal on this epic musical lovefest.

And that, my friends, is how you turn a regular old Met Gala performance into a legendary sister act for the ages! 🎤💃🏾💫

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