Angeline Jolie Talks About Her Fashion Brand ‘Atelier Jolie’

Angelina Jolie is about to break the runway and spill the haute couture beans! In a recent chit-chat with WSJ Magazine, the Tomb Raider extraordinaire shocked the world by revealing her cunning plan to conquer the fashion universe with the one and only Atelier Jolie.

Picture this: Angelina, the fearless explorer of tombs, is now venturing into the mysterious realms of fashion. The interviewer probably did a double take, thinking, “Fashion? You sure you’re not confusing it with another adventure sequel?” But oh no, our heroine is dead serious about this sartorial expedition.

“I’ve never graced a fashion show or a Met Ball in my entire life,” Jolie declared, as if she’s been too busy fighting off bad guys and raiding ancient artifacts to bother with the latest runway trends. She’s all about “individuality and love freedom,” because who needs fashion when you’re busy saving the world, right?

Now, get ready to clutch your pearls, because Angelina predicts that her foray into fashion might not be an instant moneymaker. In fact, she’s waving goodbye to some hard-earned cash, and she’s totally cool with it. “I’ll probably lose money, maybe even for a while,” she casually mentioned. But hey, who needs money when you’re on a mission to make the world a more stylish place?

“If I can break even after implementing my genius improvements, that’s a massive victory,” she declared triumphantly. Move over, Wall Street—Angelina is playing the real high-stakes game: the world of high heels and haute couture.

But what’s Atelier Jolie all about, you ask? According to Jolie, if it’s easily explained, it’s probably not going to be as fulfilling. Translation: Get ready for fashion enigmas that’ll leave you scratching your head harder than trying to decipher that cryptic Tomb Raider plot.

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And when it comes to personal style, Angelina spills the tea on her everyday fashion choices: slacks, sweaters, shift dresses, tote bags, and lounge clothes for errands. Function over fashion, because when you’ve been a mom and a Tomb Raider extraordinaire, you prioritize practicality. Also, her daughter thinks she wears too many trench coats. Angelina’s response? “It’s just a hiding thing.” Because nothing says fashion icon like concealing your secrets in the folds of a trench coat.

Angelina Jolie is not just a Hollywood superstar; she’s a fashion maverick ready to turn the industry upside down, one trench coat at a time. Move aside, runway models—here comes the Tomb Raider of the fashion world, and she’s bringing her scars, experiences, and a map of her complex body along for the ride. Fashion, brace yourself; Angelina is about to raid your closet like it’s an ancient temple filled with hidden treasures.

Angeline Jolie Talks About Her Fashion Brand ‘Atelier Jolie’


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