‘American Born Chinese’ on Disney+ Cancelled After One Season

Disney+ just dropped the cancellation bomb for 2024, and the unlucky contestant is none other than “American Born Chinese.” Cue the dramatic music!

Starring the dynamic trio of Jimmy Liu, Syndey Taylor, and Ben Wang, with a sprinkle of Oscar winners Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan, this show made its grand entrance on the streaming stage in May 2023. Since then, it’s been hanging in limbo like a forgotten balloon at a child’s birthday party.

In case you missed the memo, “American Born Chinese” was based on Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novels, and it seems like Disney+ finally decided it had enough of the animated shenanigans.

The cancellation news hit us like a ton of anvils on a cartoon character’s head, dropping on a casual Friday (January 5). Coincidence? We think not! Just one day after the cast’s options expired, Disney+ played the trumpets of doom.

But fear not, for there’s a glimmer of hope! Word on the street (or Deadline, to be precise) is that despite Disney+’s verdict, there are brave souls out there hoping to convince other networks to pick up the orphaned show. It’s like a game of hot potato, but with TV series.

In a world where streaming platforms wield the power to decide a show’s fate, “American Born Chinese” takes the inaugural dive into the abyss of cancellations on Disney+. Will it find a new home, or will it join the ranks of shows with uncertain fates? Stay tuned! The drama is real, and Mickey Mouse might be shedding a tear or two.

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