Amanda Bynes Launches a New Podcast, Interviews Tattoo Artist

Guess who’s back and better than ever? The one and only Amanda Bynes, the 37-year-old dynamo who once ruled the Nickelodeon kingdom, has re-emerged from the shadows with a project so groundbreaking, even the aliens are tuning in.

Teaming up with her partner-in-crime, Paul Sieminski, Amanda has unleashed a podcast that’s set to redefine the very fabric of auditory entertainment. Move over, Shakespeare, because “Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast” has arrived, and it’s here to tickle your eardrums like never before.

In the inaugural episode, Amanda flaunts her journalistic prowess by interviewing none other than Dahlia Moth, a tattoo artist and model with a name as intriguing as her ink. While we’re still waiting for Amanda’s tell-all autobiography, this podcast gives us a sneak peek into her latest venture, and it’s not just cosmetology school (yes, you read that right).

No groundbreaking confessions yet, but Amanda’s optimism for the podcast’s future is contagious. Picture this: a world where Amanda and Paul become the Oprah and Ellen of the podcast realm, grilling their friends and, fingers crossed, nabbing A-list celebrities for some juicy interviews.

Let’s rewind a bit to the time when Amanda planned to make a dazzling comeback at ’90s Con. Alas, fate had other plans, and the event got axed at the last minute. But fear not, because our girl didn’t wallow in self-pity. Instead, she took a detour to an inpatient mental health center in July, proving that even superheroes need a pit stop for self-care.

Now, with the podcast as her chariot, Amanda is riding back into the limelight. So, grab your popcorn, put on your imaginary red carpet attire, and join us in celebrating the triumphant return of Amanda Bynes. Because let’s face it, the world is a better place with a dash of Amanda’s humor and a sprinkle of Paul’s charm. Podcast on, you glorious duo!

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